Special Announcement Port Gardner Cohousing is moving to Marysville, WA. We have merged with Tammany Commons in Marysville, about 6 miles north of Everett where land is much less expensive and there is already a thriving group of co-housers. On February 17, 2018 we will hold a meeting at 1:30 at the Marysville Library, 6120 Grove Street, Marysville, WA to introduce ourselves and disuss both the merger and the site we have made an offer for (accepted!!).
This Wednesday, February 7, 7:00 PM at the Sno-Isl Food Co-op, 2804 Grand Avenue, Everett we will have our general monthly informational meeting for Port Gardner/Tammany Commons Cohousing. This is a general discussion of cohousing and what you might be looking for.

Faced with the triple-storm of Fossil Fuel depletion, climate change and the accompanying economic chaos, many people are searching for a simpler, saner way of living. We will need to travel less, share more, look out for each other and eat locally. This is a radical change of live style for most Americans.

Cohousing is an intentional community of private homes clustered around shared space. Port Gardner Cohousing will be located in Everett, WA. It will be an urban project, resembling an apartment building or a condominium cooperative. The exact design will be determined by those choosing to live there. Each attached or single family home will have traditional amenities, including a private kitchen, dining and living space, bedrooms, hobby room, etc. Households have independent incomes and private lives, but neighbors collaboratively plan and manage community activities and shared spaces.

The legal structure of Port Gardner Cohousing will be either a Housing Cooperative or a Home Owners Association. Other financial models are also possible.

Community activities will include regularly-scheduled optional shared meals, meetings, and workdays. Neighbors gather for parties, games, movies, or other events. Cohousing makes it easy to form clubs, organize child and elder care, and carpool.